Benefits Optimizer

The Key to a High Performance Health Plan

Alera Group’s Benefits Optimizer is a comprehensive, three step solution for mid-size and large organizations to help lower healthcare costs while enriching your benefits program.

Data-driven Approach to a High Performance Plan

Benefits Optimizer leverages data from across your organization to get a clear picture of your benefits spending. Your Alera Group team will partner with you to gather the data that will have the greatest impact on spending.

Data Analysis that Moves the Needle on Spending

Data from Benefits Optimizer is analyzed by Alera Group’s team of experts to determine how to best impact spending. This approach looks at key data points and analyzes that data in the context of your current medical benefits, pharmacy and wellbeing plans. In addition to improving employee health, this data helps determine how best to allocate your healthcare spend and adjust your plan to have the greatest impact.

We do all the work for you and specialize in the following key areas: