Cost Management

No system is undergoing more change than health care delivery. Group Benefits LLC understands these changes and can help our clients benefit from them.

To give you the most effective health care advice, we analyze:

  • The Supply Side: How many units of care are you buying, and at what price?
  • The Demand Side: How can we reduce the number of units of care you need and make sure they're purchased in the right setting?

When we market your plans, we consider the elements of supply-side health care purchasing. These include:

  • Delivery system innovations by highly-used providers (Accountable Care Organizations and Patient Centered Medical Homes are two examples)
  • Ability of your top-utilized providers to provide Population Health Management
  • New payment models; moving away from a Fee for Service structure
  • Better carrier Disease Management program and local provider case management coordination
  • Availability of pricing and quality data for high-priced, elective procedures
  • Price comparison tools for common tests like MRI and CT Scan
  • Quality metrics for complex, in-patient procedures
  • The role of telemedicine and other innovative technologies
  • Consideration of retail health options (Walgreen's, CVS Minute Clinics)
  • Opportunities for selective direct-contracting with providers for certain services
  • Shopping carefully for acute care hospital services

Selecting the right vendors is critical for cost management, risk management, customer service and employee satisfaction. That's why we incorporate these innovative principles with the more traditional carrier selection criteria and process.